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Krav Maga, Hebrew for Contact Combat, is the highly effective Israeli system of self-defence and fighting skills and has been saving lives on battlefields and hostile streets since 1948.

Created by Imi Lichtenfeld, Krav Maga is based on real world situations and is a practical system that is logical, is easy to learn and is highly effective – it is a system that is available to everyone from small children to the elderly, from office workers to professional soldiers!

Start your journey with the IKMF today and give yourself the skills to look after you and your loved ones, so you “may walk in peace.”

IKMF Krav Maga is not a Martial Art, we don't train for sport fighting. We train for real world situations and give you the most advanced and up-to date solutions to potentially dangerous situations. Krav Maga is a science based self defence system that gives you the best training possible.

IKMF Krav Maga is suitable for everyone regardless of age, physical ability or experience. 


Multiple locations across australia

Central Coast

All instructors accross Australia are trained to international standards and have direct contact to Israel, the birth place of Krav Maga. Click on your state to link to local schools near you!

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Why choose


The IKMF is the original and oldest organisation dedicated to the spread of Krav Maga worldwide. We are active in more than 40 countries and the system of choice for militaries, police forces and civilians around the globe.

Once the IKMF was finally formed, All Expert and Master Diplomas, grades and levels issued by it, were authorized by Imi, As well as the IKMF curriculum. Imi approved this new curriculum at the time of formation of the IKMF as well as subsequent changes made in 1997.

Since 1996 The IKMF expanded and is now the largest and most appreciated KM institution worldwide. The IKMF has branched out and is successfully active locally, in Israel as well as in  Australia, North America, South & East Asia, the Far East, Most EU countries, and ex-communist countries (such as Poland, Russia and Hungary).


The general Structure of the organization in each country is relatively similar: A director, responsible for the growth of both the KM system and the local IKMF organization in said country, and, of course, local instructors at different grades and levels assisting him.

The IKMF trains and educates all types of trainees, with or without KM (or other martial art) background, such as civilian students and instructors, military personnel and instructors, law-enforcement officers and instructors etc.

The IKMF trains and educates civilian students and instructors (with KM and / or other martial arts background), Law-Enforcement officers and instructors, military personnel and instructors, as well as security and close protection officers and their instructors. All such individuals and groups are accepted into the ranks of the IKMF.

"The curriculum is only the blueprint, how to implement it is Krav Maga" - Avi Moyal


Avi Moyal - Master 2, IKMF Chairman

Darren Luke

Australia National Director

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